America has always been a land of hope. Our history has been about facing challenges head on and making progress, together. In many ways, we’ve already achieved the impossible. Democracy overtook monarchy. The Republic survived a Civil War. Slavery finally ended. Women secured the vote. Americans landed on the moon. Gay marriage is now the law of the land.

Today, in the face of mounting efforts to take us backwards, we can continue to build the world we want to see for our families and our communities. The incredible promise of America is that we can ask: What great things are we going to do next? And the change we want to see in the world can begin in the 10th Congressional District in Virginia.

Deep Sran for Congress

The change we want to see in the world can begin in the 10th Congressional District in Virginia.

But we can’t do better if we do things the same way. We won’t have new ideas and new solutions if the same types of people maintain their grip on Washington, DC. We won’t restore democracy and save the world for our children and grandchildren if we let career politicians, special interests, and big corporations decide what is best for us.

The story of Virginia is, in many ways, the story of America. We have made enormous progress — and we have more work to do to improve economic opportunity and social justice through a sustained federal investment in education and to improve how our democracy works by giving power back to the people. We can start by uniting our ideologically and culturally diverse community — and sending a representative to Congress who truly stands for the values and aspirations of our neighbors.

Over the coming months, Deep will engage with neighbors across the District to discuss how we can rebuild our democracy, prepare our children for a rapidly changing and beautiful world, and safeguard the ideals that make America a place of liberty and justice for all.

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