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I’m Deep. I’m a teacher, school founder, technology entrepreneur, lawyer, and child of immigrants from India.

I design and implement new ideas to make education work better, in a school I founded and at a technology company I co-founded. I’m leaving my life's work to run for Congress in the 10th Congressional District in Virginia—where I have lived since 2004—because Congress no longer works for the people. People like you and me can change this.

Deep Sran for Congress

Deep Sran is a Democrat running to represent Virginia's 10th Congressional District.

My focus would be on the issues I have lived. As an educator, I would champion a national commitment to excellence in public education for all students, and to improved higher education access and affordability. As a small business owner, I would improve conditions for those who start and grow businesses that create economic opportunities in my district. As the child of immigrants, I would push back against intolerance and hatred.

I know we also need more fundamental political change. We need to replace officials when they’re out of touch, out of ideas, or out of compassion. To do this, we need big money out of politics. We need policies driven by evidence, not ideology. We need to make America a place of liberty and justice for all, which means doing more for the poor and vulnerable. We don’t need to judge, we need to help. We need to promote democracy and peace as a member of the community of nations. And we need to leave the world better than we found it, so our children can do the same.

We’re all in this together. We need leaders who understand this, and who work for the greater good. That’s why I’m running for Congress.

Please share your ideas and describe the change you want to see.