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Education is my life’s work, because it is the key to preparing young people to be better prepared to participate in the economy and in their democracy. We need to respect and retain good teachers by giving them autonomy in the classroom and change our focus from standardized testing to a beautiful education for all young people. And we have to increase access to postsecondary education.  [MORE]
  • Education is the engine of economic opportunity and social justice. As a longtime classroom teacher in urban and suburban schools and founder of Loudoun School for the Gifted, I know education is the only way to a better future for every American child. This means increasing our investment in public education, particularly for students in urban and rural areas. Students deserve access to great teachers and great public schools.
  • Make room for real innovation by giving teachers more autonomy in the classroom. Teachers know their students and can be trusted to make the changes necessary to improve their learning outcomes. If we give teachers a chance to work together to design and implement solutions that work for their students, we will make education more meaningful and compelling. And it helps if we create incentives for African American and Latino American college graduates to become teachers, so students from communities of color see teachers who are like them.
  • Post-secondary education must be more accessible. We should be working to make higher education more affordable and accessible, and to invest in training for career paths that do not require a four-year degree.

Economy and Jobs

Right now, Congress isn’t working to find the best solutions for a changing economy. Work doesn’t look like it used to — there is more automation, and as a result, fewer jobs. We are all feeling considerable uncertainty about the future and what it means for employment.  [MORE]
  • We need to be thinking about how to train people for new, 21st century jobs. We should be having conversations about what work is going to look like in 20 years to ensure everyone has the opportunity for economic security.
  • I have deep faith in the magic of the private sector, with proper regulation. I think it’s all about balance and learning how we can improve our economy to work for future generations.
  • Good schools, good jobs, affordable housing, and a range of cultural and recreational resources are essential to ensure that Virginia’s 10th Congressional District remains a desirable place to live and work. Our focus should be on making sure this district continues to be attractive to employers and employees, by bringing new investment to the region and shoring up jobs driven by federal investment.
  • We should continue to nurture Virginia as a center for technology companies and 21st century jobs, and work to make our district a compelling place to start new ventures.


Virginia’s 10th Congressional District is a great place to live, but traffic is a serious problem that undermines our quality of life and future economic growth.  [MORE]
  • We should continue to build and improve our transportation infrastructure. This requires improved collaboration across jurisdictions to ensure Metro runs smarter and faster and to increase the capacity of the American Legion Bridge.
  • Making public transportation work better and our roads less congested are sound ways to invest taxpayer dollars to increase quality of life. I think it’s all about balance and learning how we can improve our economy to work for future generations.If people have reliable and environmentally responsible ways to commute, this district will continue to be a place where companies want to launch and grow and people want to raise their families.


While we grow our economy and increase the transportation infrastructure, we must be responsible and thoughtful about protecting our environment for future generations. The goal of environmental policy is to ensure our grandchildren and their grandchildren thrive in a healthy world.  [MORE]
  • We need common sense regulations that safeguard natural resources from shortsighted profit-seeking, and to work across the aisle to develop evidence-based policy to preserve and renew the environment we all share.
  • Our children deserve a healthy environment to grow up in. For far too long, we’ve put off protecting our environment. We can make smart policy decisions today to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. And we need better and stronger advocates to take our climate crisis seriously.
  • Truth and evidence-based policy making has been missing from conversations about protecting the environment. Truth and evidence-based policy making has been missing from conversations about protecting the environment.
  • Environmental issues are pretty simple: there is pollution and it doesn’t magically disappear. We often complicate this conversation, but it should be a nonpartisan issue that we all care about.

National Security

Diplomacy and engagement with other nations are critical to avoid armed conflicts and to build an international community that promotes peace.  [MORE]
  • National security is built on domestic strength: a democracy Americans trust and are proud of and an economy that is dynamic and not burdened by a massive and growing national debt.
  • Our national security is a function of the health of our democracy and our economy, the strength of our military, and our relationships and diplomacy with other nations and international organizations.

We're All In This Together

To address the most pressing issues of our time, we must be open to engaging with each other as citizens to arrive at the best ideas. We must commit ourselves to liberty and justice for all, otherwise the same people always get hurt: the poor and others at the margins of our national community.  [MORE]

The founders of this nation put the power in our hands to choose leaders who represent the people and work in their best interests. We need representatives who will work across party lines to find better solutions to America’s problems, to create a model democracy for our children, and to create new opportunities for greatness.