Tell Congress to Protect Net Neutrality and Protect Consumers

The Federal Communications Commission is tasked with promoting competition, innovation and investment in broadband services and facilities[1]. Two of its strategic goals are protecting public interest goals and making networks work for everyone[2].

With the release of their plan to repeal existing rules that protect net neutrality, the Trump administration and the FCC have made it clear that these goals, and the protection of consumers and small business owners, will come second to the big profits Internet service providers stand to make under an unregulated internet with tiered access and lack of choice.

We have until December 14 to urge our representatives to protect our rights as consumers. You can do your part by signing Deep’s petition, and by calling your representatives to demand action.

Sign Deep's petition to demand Congress put a stop to the FCC's dismantling of net neutrality:

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Residents of the 10th District of Virginia should call Barbara Comstock at 202-225-5136.

All Virginians can call Senators Tim Kaine at 202-224-4024 and Mark Warner at 202-224-2023.