We need new leaders and new ideas.

Deep Sran has dedicated his life to fixing education in this country – as a teacher, school founder, and ed tech entrepreneur – because he believes a quality education is the key to making progress as a nation, building a stronger economy, and reducing inequality and injustice in all our communities.

Deep Sran for Congress

Deep Sran is a Democrat running to represent Virginia's 10th Congressional District.

But for far too many families across the District and the Commonwealth the dream of a high quality education that sets their children up for success in life is just that: a dream. In a region that is home to some of the best schools in the nation, the kind of education a child receives remains strictly tied to the zip code they live in.

Throughout his life, Deep has taken on big challenges to create the kind of world he knows we can build. He walked away from a lucrative career as a corporate attorney to become a public charter school teacher in Washington, DC, and later founded his own school and ed tech company, where he created jobs for other teachers and innovators.

He knows what it takes to set goals, build an effective program from the ground up, and navigate complex policy and regulations to achieve his objectives. He will do the same for our District as our Congressman for the 10th District.



We can’t make change if we keep doing the
same old things the same old way.


There is a void of leadership in Washington – where our representatives in Congress are more concerned with scoring political points and maintaining their grip on power than in serving the people who sent them to the Capitol in the first place. 

We need innovators who can provide common sense leadership – and that’s what we get with Deep Sran.

Deep is not a politician – and he won’t let partisan gridlock stand in the way of progress for our District. He’s not beholden to special interests and he’s not afraid to think outside the box when it comes to creating solutions to the big problems we face as a community and country and helping middle class families get ahead.

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