Retired Air Force Colonel Mike Turner, Former 10th District Candidate, Endorses Deep Sran

Retired Air Force Colonel and former chair of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee, Mike Turner, endorses Deep Sran in the 10th District Democratic Primary

“Deep has dedicated his life to solving problems for his community,” said Ret. Colonel Turner. “His background, his dedication to education as a driver of opportunity and social justice, and his vision for this country give me confidence we can get back on track. Deep is an extraordinarily well qualified candidate who brings to this pivotal race the real world experience and skills necessary to beat Barbara Comstock in November. He is one of the most insightful, thoughtful, and truly inspiring candidates for public office I’ve ever met.”

Deep Sran Statement on Passage of Senate Tax Bill

Congressional Candidate Decries Passage of Tax Reform Bill That Benefits the Wealthiest of Americans, Adds $1 Trillion in Debt

"As a small business owner and taxpayer, I support the idea of a simpler, fairer tax system and debt-neutral tax reform plan. Unfortunately that is not what the Senate passed. This one-party plan is opposed by half of Americans, which is what happens when only half of our representatives are part of the process.

Deep Sran Statement on House Republican Tax Reform Plan

Congressional Candidate Urges Congress to Pass Common Sense Tax Reforms that Benefit the Middle Class, not Corporations and the Wealthy

"With the release yesterday of the House Republican tax reform plan, Donald Trump and Paul Ryan have shown their true colors and admitted to the American public what we already expected: that their top priority is cutting taxes for their rich Wall Street friends, large corporations, and the wealthiest among us."

Deep Sran Statement on Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill

Congressional Candidate Urges Virginians to Stand Up for Care

"With the news this week that the Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal bill is gaining traction among Republican Senators now weighing whether to take health care away from millions of Americans across the country, the message to all of us is clear: we must remain vigilant in defending our care and holding our representatives accountable."


Deep Sran Statement on Trump's Decision to End DACA

"The news this morning that President Trump is ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is cruel, irresponsible, and a complete betrayal of our commitment to the American Dream. By choosing to eliminate DACA, Trump is forcing out nearly 800,000 hardworking young people who serve in our military, study in our classrooms, and contribute to our communities in countless other ways."

Deep Sran Statement On Senate Health Care Vote

Congressional Candidate Condemns Bills As "Ruthless"

"Today's vote proves that the Senate Republicans' threat to our health care is real and dangerous. Although no one other than Mitch McConnell knows which ruinous version of Affordable Care Act repeal is on the table, what we do know is this: tens of millions of Americans will lose coverage if any of these bills pass."

Deep Sran Statement on Trumpcare

Congressional Candidate Condemns Republican Assault on Everyday Americans

"Donald Trump has made it clear from the beginning: he doesn't care about the millions of people whom the Affordable Care Act has helped. From insidious attempts to repeal the ACA and leave tens of millions of Americans without the coverage they need to his statement today that he plans to 'let Obamacare fail,' Trump's Administration and Congressional Republicans have consistently failed to prioritize everyday American families. Barbara Comstock waited until it was politically convenient to come out against repeal -- and that's not the leadership that Virginians deserve."

Deep Sran Statement on Senate Healthcare Bill

Congressional Candidate Rejects Latest Draft As "Heartless"

"The latest version of the Better Care Reconciliation Act is anything but 'better' -- it still takes health coverage away from those who need it the most in favor of tax cuts for the wealthy, just like the House version that Barbara Comstock waited until the last possible moment to oppose. The bill released today hurts poor people, hurts women, and attempts to reverse the massive gains made under Obamacare."

Deep Sran Statement on Campus Sexual Assault

Congressional Candidate Comes Out Strongly Against DeVos Surrogate's Position

"Candice Jackson’s comments are not only heartless and insensitive -- they threaten to make schools less safe for all of our children. The epidemic of sexual assault on college campuses needs to be taken seriously and dealt with aggressively. We should be doing more to solve this crisis, not demeaning the victims of this horrible crime."

Deep Sran Statement on Trump National Voter Suppression Program

Congressional candidate calls data request "subversive to democracy"

"This is just another step in Donald Trump's insidious program to prevent Americans from exercising their most fundamental right - the right to vote. We should be making it easier to vote, not harder. Studies agree - voter fraud very rarely happens. An American is more likely to be struck by lightning than to commit voter fraud."