Deep Sran Statement on House Republican Tax Reform Plan

Congressional Candidate Urges Congress to Pass Common Sense Tax Reforms that Benefit the Middle Class, not Corporations and the Wealthy

ASHBURN – Teacher, tech entrepreneur, and candidate for Virginia's 10th Congressional District Deep Sran released the following statement today in response to news that Republicans are set to introduce their tax reform plan.

"With the release yesterday of the House Republican tax reform plan, Donald Trump and Paul Ryan have shown their true colors and admitted to the American public what we already expected: that their top priority is cutting taxes for their rich Wall Street friends, large corporations, and the wealthiest among us.

A recent Pew Research Center Survey found that 73% of Americans believe that the corporate tax rate should remain the same or be raised, with 72% preferring the same for high-earning households. House Republicans have looked at what the American people want and told us, ‘tough luck.’

The losers in the proposal? You guessed it: the American people. Bloomberg says the plan will add $1.49 trillion to the deficit over ten years, an amount the Republican Congress had to pass legislation just to allow. Virginia homeowners (of whom 10th district residents average some of the highest mortgage interest deductions in the Commonwealth), small business owners, the working poor, and charities all get the short end of the stick, according to the Washington Post.

I stand with the majority of Americans that believe these tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy are unwanted and unnecessary, and forcing future generations of working Americans to foot the bill is irresponsible and heartless.

I further call on Barbara Comstock to do the right thing for the people of the 10th district of Virginia and the people of this country and reject Paul Ryan’s plan to cut taxes for the wealthy, saddle this country with debt, and stifle future growth.”

The Republican tax reform plan, announced yesterday, includes a decrease in tax rates for the wealthiest Americans, pass through entities, and corporations; the elimination of the estate tax; and the elimination or reduction of popular deductions including those for property taxes, mortgage interest, adoption expenses, medical expenses, and student loans.




Deep is a lifelong educator and innovator who has spent the majority of his career on his true passion - teaching our children. He founded Loudoun School for the Gifted, which empowers its students to dream big and to be ready for whatever the future holds. He also co-founded Actively Learn, an education technology company, to create a literacy platform which helps promote better thinking as students read for class. In his school, his company, and his community, Deep has worked to ensure that our children - the future leaders of America - have access to the resources and skills they need to solve the problems of tomorrow.

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