Deep Sran Statement on Potential VA-10 'Firehouse Primary' or Convention

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Deep Sran Statement on Potential VA-10 'Firehouse Primary' or Convention


ASHBURN -- Teacher, entrepreneur, and candidate for Virginia's 10th congressional district released today the following statement on the proposal currently under consideration by the local Democratic Party that would enable it to choose the nominee through a convention, limited "firehouse primary," or caucus, rather than holding a standard primary election.


"The Democratic Committee's proposal to run a convention, 'firehouse primary,' or caucus here in Virginia's 10th District instead of holding an open primary is both undemocratic and weakens the options available to voters. As Democrats, we should be encouraging political participation and expanding access to the process, instead of shutting people out. 


"The Democratic Party has always been a big tent: it's how we ensure that we have the best ideas and that everyone, not just the well-connected, has the opportunity to lead. What's clear in the wake of the 2016 election is that we need new leadership, not career politicians in Washington. 


"Instead of pre-selecting who will run against Barbara Comstock, the Party should be working to bring more people into the arena so we can have the most effective leader for the general election. It's critical to this election and our democratic values at large that primaries are unrestricted and fair, and I urge the committee to move forward with the open primary process for the 2018 election."


Of the options reportedly under consideration, a convention would restrict ballots to delegates chosen by the Democratic Party, whereas a firehouse primary would limit the number of polling places during the primary and a caucus would require participants to engage in a lengthier discussion and selection process. All of these options would restrict access for voters across the district who otherwise would cast ballots on their choice for a Democratic nominee at their regular polling locations. 







Deep is a lifelong educator and innovator who has spent the majority of his career on his true passion - teaching our children. He founded Loudoun School for the Gifted, which empowers its students to dream big and to be ready for whatever the future holds. He also co-founded Actively Learn, an education technology company, to create a literacy platform which helps promote better thinking as students read for class. In his school, his company, and his community, Deep has worked to ensure that our children - the future leaders of America - have access to the resources and skills they need to solve the problems of tomorrow.


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