Retired Air Force Colonel Mike Turner, Former 10th District Candidate, Endorses Deep Sran

Retired Air Force Colonel and former chair of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee, Mike Turner, endorses Deep Sran in the 10th District Democratic Primary

ASHBURN – Deep Sran, educator, entrepreneur, and Democratic Candidate for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, announced today that Mike Turner, former chair of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee and former 10th District candidate, is endorsing Sran’s campaign in the 2018 Democratic primary scheduled for June 12, 2018—the first former Democratic candidate to endorse in this race.

“Deep has dedicated his life to solving problems for his community,” said Ret. Colonel Turner. “His background, his dedication to education as a driver of opportunity and social justice, and his vision for this country give me confidence we can get back on track. Deep is an extraordinarily well qualified candidate who brings to this pivotal race the real world experience and skills necessary to beat Barbara Comstock in November. He is one of the most insightful, thoughtful, and truly inspiring candidates for public office I’ve ever met.”

“This campaign is about the people of the 10th District,” Sran said. “Mike Turner is a man with a long and distinguished record of service to his country and to Democratic activism right here in the 10th. As one of only two Democrats that have been through a primary in this district in the past decade, Mike knows what it takes to be a competitive Democrat here. I am proud and honored to have Mike’s support in this race and am excited to have his energy, ideas, and experience on my team.”

Given Ret. Colonel Turner’s roots in the local community, his endorsement is particularly meaningful in this race, where Beltway insiders and national political figures will continue to flood the 10th District to influence the outcome of the election. As an active and longtime resident of the 10th District, and as a former candidate for Congress from the district, Ret. Colonel Turner knows what matters to voters, which is what Deep is focused on: providing accountable and responsive representation and working for policy solutions that help people, not special interests. He is the only former candidate for this seat to publicly support a current candidate.

A long-time presence in Loudoun County and 10th District Democratic politics, Ret. Colonel Turner remains active in Democratic organizing in Loudoun County and in getting Democrats elected throughout Northern Virginia. He resides in Lansdowne.





Deep is a lifelong educator and innovator who has spent the majority of his career on his true passion - teaching our children. He founded Loudoun School for the Gifted, which empowers its students to dream big and to be ready for whatever the future holds. He also co-founded Actively Learn, an education technology company, to create a literacy platform which helps promote better thinking as students read for class. In his school, his company, and his community, Deep has worked to ensure that our children - the future leaders of America - have access to the resources and skills they need to solve the problems of tomorrow.

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