Why supporting Deep is critical.

Who is Deep

Deep Singh Sran is a classroom teacher, private school founder, tech entrepreneur, lawyer, and former newspaper columnist who lives in northern Virginia. He is running for Congress as a Democrat in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. Deep lives in Ashburn, Virginia, with his wife, Anjili, and their two daughters.

Deep has spent his life working to solve our single most important challenge: designing the future of education so the next generation of Americans is ready to learn, work, and lead. He is running for Congress to bring his experience, imagination, optimism, and ability to collaborate to Congress, where these are needed desperately.

Why is it important to invest Virginia, even if you’re not in Virginia

Republicans are in their fourth term in control of the House of Representatives and all they have to show for it is voting to strip Americans of access to basic health care more than 50 times in that span. The time has come for new leadership in the House, and in Northern Virginia we can help make that happen. Whatever your party affiliation, it’s clear that Paul Ryan and Donald Trump are not working for us, and their partisan focus on issues that are not moving the country forward are doing more harm than good.

To bring new leadership to the House, Democrats need to win 24 seats from Republicans. The 10th District in Virginia is one of the seats Democrats are targeting as critical to make this happen.

The Cook Political Report, an independent, non-partisan online newsletter that analyzes elections and campaigns, rates the 10th district of Virginia as Democratic +1, meaning that the district is expected to favor Democrats by 1%. That makes the district fairly moderate. In 2016, Barbara Comstock, a Republican, won the district by receiving 52.7% of the vote. In the same year, Donald Trump received 42.2% of the vote in the presidential election, losing the district to Hillary Clinton by a full ten percentage points. Voters in the district have shown time and again that they are willing to vote for a candidate in either party, with the expectation that all things considered, the district is slightly more likely to vote for the Democrat.

Why Deep can win, with your contribution

It is a crowded Democratic primary, and the winner will be the candidate who can appeal to not just a small section of voters, but to voters from across the district. This is a real opportunity for a candidate from outside of the political establishment like Deep. His real world entrepreneurial and creative experience will bring new ideas and problem solving to Washington. He is the only candidate in the Democratic primary with experience running a brick-and-mortar and a technology business, creating jobs, and bringing together community members to accomplish common goals.

Not only is Deep the most qualified candidate in the race, he has a proven history of truly listening to all who wish to be heard. Deep will give a voice to all of the people of the district, not just the ones who vote for him.